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It is illegal discrimination to take “adverse employment action” against an employee (or job applicant) based on the individual’s membership in what is called a “protected class.” Discrimination is forbidden under both State and Federal law. However, California’s laws provide a greater level of protection for employees than Federal laws. As a result, unless you are employed by the federal government, we normally rely on the California laws.  Most, but not all, of the anti-discrimination laws appear in the California Government Code.

The Adverse Employment Action Requirement

What the employer is doing has to be sufficiently severe for the courts to get involved.  Terminations, demotions, and suspensions certainly qualify.  However, reprimands or other criticisms, bad performance appraisals and such normally are not enough to qualify as an “adverse employment action.” While there are exceptions, normally your earnings have to be affected. 

A change in your duties with no change in pay may qualify if it significantly lowers your chance of promotion. (While a bad performance review may also lower your chance of promotion, the courts will not take such cases - judges do not want to act as supervisory human resources personnel.)

The Protected Class Requirement

Why something has happened to you is every bit as important as what happened. You cannot prevail on a discrimination case unless you can show both that you were subjected to an adverse employment action AND that the reason you suffered from the adverse employment action was that whoever took (or proposed or otherwise furthered) the action did so because of your membership in a “protected class.”

Everyone is in several protected classes. You are male or female and straight or gay. You are one race or another. You are of one religion or another, or have no religion at all. You and/or your ancestors are from one part of the world or another. 

You are in a protected class based upon your status on all of the above factors. However, in order to prevail on a discrimination claim, we must be able to successfully demonstrate that your membership in the protected class was the reason (or at least one of multiple reasons) for the adverse action. 

There are many protected classes other than those just named.  If you think you have been or may be subjected to an adverse action because of discrimination or have other questions about the law, contact the Jackson Law Firm for answers to all of your questions.

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