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The general rule in California is that employees must be paid one and a half times their regular rate of pay for all work in excess of 8 hours a day OR in excess of 40 hours a week. These are respectively known as the “8 hour rule” and the “40 hour rule.” Generally, they both apply. 

Under the 8 hour rule, employees are entitled to overtime for all work in excess of 8 hours a day. For instance, if on any given day you work 9 hours, you are entitled to overtime. This is true even if you don’t work at all on any other day of the week.

Under the 40 hour rule, you are entitled to overtime for all work in excess of 40 hours during a work week. By way of example, if you work 7 hours a day 6 days a week, for a total of 42 hours during the week, you are entitled to 2 hours overtime for the week. Moreover, the “work week” has to be set and unchanging. Employers cannot avoid paying overtime by declaring that your “work week” started on Sunday for one pay check and started on Wednesday for the next pay check.

Some employers simply refuse to pay overtime. Also, many employers with out of state headquarters violate the law because California’s overtime laws differ from and are more generous than the federal laws and the laws in different states. Employers who pay employees twice a month (such as on the 15th and 30th) also frequently violate the overtime laws because the 40 hour rule applies to “work weeks” even if a work week falls into different pay periods.

Employers also have to pay double time pay for all work in excess of 12 hours a day. In addition, there are also special rules when an employee works 7 days a week. 

Pay and/or overtime is required for all time an employee works whether “on the clock” or not. You may actually start work before your scheduled start time, work through lunch and/or work after you clock out. If you do any of these things, you have to be paid for all such time, and such time is frequently overtime. 

However, there are some exceptions to the general overtime rule. The regular overtime rules do not apply to certain classifications of non-exempt employees.

Under California law, employers are not only required to pay non-salaried employees the overtime that is due to them, they are also required to compensate their employees in accordance with the State’s minimum wage laws. Additionally, they must pay their employees all wages earned in a timely manner, according to their regular pay schedule.

With respect to tips earned, employers are prohibited from keeping tips for themselves. All tips must be disbursed no later than the next regular pay period. Tip pooling, or sharing tips between the wait staff, cooks, and bus boys is allowable under the law, however managers and employers are forbidden from participating in this practice. Finally, employers are required to provide hourly compensation in the form of the minimum wage (or higher should the employer choose) to all employees who also earn tips.

Upon termination of employment, employees must be fully compensated for all hours worked and all unused vacation time immediately upon involuntary termination. When an employee terminates employment with at least 72 hours’ notice to the employer, they must receive their final check on their last day of work. Should the employee terminate employment with no notice, their employer must remit their final paycheck within 72 hours.

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