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"Wrongful Termination" has a special definition in employment law. It means a termination that is actually illegal. It does not mean a termination that is simply unfair or unjustified but which does not violate an actual law or clearly established public policy.

A termination is "wrongful" in the legal sense if it is in breach of an employment contract, or is based on age, race, sex or a similar type of discrimination. A termination can be illegal and therefore "wrongful" if it is based on any of the following:


The law also recognizes what is called a wrongful "constructive termination." This occurs when an employer makes the working conditions so bad that no reasonable person would stay in the job, and the reasons the employer made the work unbearable was one of the illegal factors.

While there are a number of other reasons why a termination can be illegal, a termination is not illegal, and therefore not legally wrongful, if it stems from the fact that a supervisor is overbearing, irrational or just a mean jerk.  Perhaps, unfortunately, it is not illegal to be an overbearing and mean jerk. 

A termination is also not illegal (legally wrongful) if it is simply unjustified.  If your employer set your goals impossibly high, nit-picked your work and/or held you accountable for things that were not really in your control, the termination may have been unjustified, but it was not illegal or "wrongful" unless the employer did those things to you because of your age, race, sex, religion, or any form of discrimination.

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